Spirit of Ethical Enterprise

Business Starter Program


Spirit of Ethical Enterprise (SEE) Business Starter Programme is aimed at empowering every individual to realise their business dream, whatever it may be, in a manner that – besides serving their own needs – also helps directly or indirectly to benefit the community.


The programme will equip participants with all the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, information and tools required to start, sustain and grow any venture.


At the end of the programme, participants will be armed not only with valuable knowledge but a registered company, business address, a working business plan, namecards and a client in hand along with EthiCorp’s Certificate of Ethical Enterprise as well.


Our programme starts on 3rd September 2008. Only 20 students are alloted per intake. Hurry!


Student Entrepreneur Program

The SEP training module is a modified version of EthiCorp’s Spirit of Ethical Enterprise program. The Student Entrepreneur Program is aimed at empowering students/youths to be independent and business savvy. It aims to instill in them a sense of ethical entrepreneurship from the early stages.


The program includes training a group of students in participating schools, kick-starting a Entrepreneur Club with a business venture that will be operating from within the school. The eventual goal of this program is to create a self-sustaining business market that will flourish from school level to an inter-school environment. EthiCorp also intends to leverage on this program to serve the interests of youths at risk and students from lower income families.


Workplace Ethics

We are all familiar with the term ‘Workplace Ethics’. But there seems to be a misconception that there are ethics versus workplace ethics. The truth is there is no separate workplace ethics. The guiding principles are the same, whether at work or in personal life.


There are of course, several ‘obstacles’ in adopting ethics in the modern workplace – or at least what are perceived to be so. At EthiCorp, we remove these notions and set things right by telling our participants exactly what steps they can take to be 100% ethical and successful as well.

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