What is the EthiCorp Network?


EthiCorp Network is a free business cum social network run by EthiCorp Pte Ltd.


The network welcomes professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and those in the transition phase of their lives.

Members of the EthiCorp Network enjoy perks and privileges such as:


  • Free Monthly Networking Sessions
  • Free EthiCorp Business E-Newletter
  • Discounted Upgrades to other EthiCorp managed networks (COMING SOON)
  • Discounts on EthiCorp’s services
  • Discounts on EthiCorp organized workshops and events


Join Now and Reap the Rewards.



What is the EthiCorp Challenge? How do I get in?


The EthiCorp challenge is our call to all budding entrepreneurs. Do you have it in you to be an entrepreneur? Can you prove it? Here’s the challenge.


24 teams will compete against one another to see who can survive and get maximum profits from minimum resources – all in 48 hours. Are you game enough for the challenge? Then email us at enquiries@ethicorpgroup.com now!


(And don’t worry, as long as you can understand English, the challenge is open to you – and there are no age limits!)




What is the SEE programme?


Spirit of Ethical Enterprise (SEE) Business Starter Programme is aimed at empowering every individual to realise their business dream, whatever it may be, in a manner that – besides serving their own needs – also helps directly or indirectly to benefit the community.

The programme will equip participants with all the entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, information and tools required to start, sustain and grow any venture.

At the end of the programme, participants will be armed not only with valuable knowledge but a registered company, business address, a working business plan, namecards and a client in hand along with EthiCorp’s Certificate of Ethical Enterprise as well.



I want to recommend someone to the SEE programme. How do I do it?


Email us at enquiries@ethicorpgroup.com with details of the friend you want to recommend.

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25 09 2008

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