For All Budding Entrepreneurs: Step Up to The EthiCorp Challenge

8 06 2008

Are you asking these questions?
What is the EthiCorp Network? What is the EthiCorp Challenge? How do I get in? I would like to tell my friends about it.
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The Importance of Ethical Entrepreneurship

6 06 2008

It becomes all too easy in our fast-paced commercial world to adopt a dog-eat-dog style of conducting business. It has become a norm to be cynical and say that there is no such thing as an ethical corporation. What does all this mean for both consumers and those who serve them?

The answer: No less than an atmosphere of total distrust and discomfort. Can we continue to live and work in such a world where we have to watch our collective back all the time? But the irony here is that some of the most successful and lasting corporations the world has known have been built on the foundation of a number of ethical principles.

We believe that one has to start with a belief system to get anywhere. And this is the belief system – thrown in with an endorsement of globally established reputable institutions – that put us where we are today.

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